Health Scam Side Effects that's really good to drink it helps replace electrolytes and sodium here is the bone broth that a lot of sites and people recommend to drink while on keto it sounds weird the fact that it's bone broth kind of freaks me out but you know it's kind of funny it says how to enjoy and it's enjoy like you would have cup of tea but the food hasn't been so bad it's been pretty good a lot of salads with the dressing the great part is that you can eat dressing without the guilts like ranch or blue cheese because I love blue cheese dressing 

 Keto Trim Fast  : As you get usedto eating at 3 then after you've donethat for like a week or so you'llprobably find like hey I could probablywait till 3:30 to eat and then you knowagain it's taking a long long long longview and it was easy to get in a rushbut just just see how that works out foryou that would be my like my you knowadvice let's see uh let's see yeah soyou you're talking about you have to besure about protein-rich you know likethe only thing that I would say cuz Idon't really you know I have high cardbills low protein high carb yeah all thedifferent combinations everything iswhat I eat so one thing I did notice wasI didn't feel great if my like if I hadno fat and no protein in with a lot ofcarbs so like a stack of pancakes withjust a bunch of syrup and no but youknow nope you know turkey bacon and likebutter on like with it or eggs eggs arenice too with pancakes then yeah I don'tfeel great the next day so I don't knowthat that's low blood sugar technicallyspeaking but ok hey Carlene hey

 Regal Keto Diet  : WonderWoman yeah you're buttering me upCarlene I remember the is it helps withflab and loose skin if you're aconsistent have you noticed anyreduction in these areas ok so and I dida whole video about this you know aboutloose skin and basically here's what Isay first of all I googled it when I wasfirst losing weight I was very scaredactually it was something that kept mefrom wanting to lose weight in the firstplace was I was really afraidput in a lot of effort to loose theweight and then my body would lookhorrible like it would look worse at anormal weight than it did ever weight ifthat makes sense and I mean oh gosh Iknow that's a complete vanity to beworried about stuff like that but thatis where I was so I googled first of allwhat does the body look like afteryou've lost 80 pounds I looked at youknow what is your body look like afteryou've had babies cuz that's anotherthing I've had three kids so I juststarted

 Ketonalyn Diet  : becausethat is a part of our internet cultureat this juncture so your hair is fallingout and that's another by effect solet's let's go through the list ofcrappy things that happen so here fallenoutthat's the thigh rate people have crazymenstrual cycles like either themenstrual cycle stops or they just bleedand bleed and bleed and around ourmenstrual cycle the blood sugar goesthrough the roof which when I was at thepaleo FX none of these guys knew that Iwas like okay you're like a healthprofessional you don't know this dudewhere you been okay um hey Gary youfairly new to the keto world well youfound the right channel honey okay so uhhi everyone so let's go through thecrappy things that could happen right sowe start off with the hair falling outpeople start to get stomachaches andtypically that is from their gallbladderstomach aches pressure in the stomachnauseathey shake these are all the shakinesswould be hypoglycemic symptoms um theyhave super bad headaches or they'll havea numb headache that's just a dullheadache that just keeps aching itaching

 Keto Excel Diet  : like hurry it's gonna bein seven years forty years since Igraduated from high school when I wenttook my 20 year and I was like I felloff like I was like okay first of alllet me tell you guys honey let me tellyou something child so I lived in Europefrom a 16 years I used to be proskateboarder and I toured around and Ilived in like Amsterdam I don't know I'mnot like I mean rented an apartment inAmsterdam and lived in a lot of placesFrance and Germany and blah blah blah soI speak a little bit of these languageshere and there and I ended up living inSweden and I ended up living in Swedenalmost 11 years so this is why youblonde you officer yep totally the spinsyeahthat's why sometimes I speak a

Keto Blast Diet :  don't have that much energy to workout No so is it what is it is it Rocioor Russia or I don't know how to sayyour name but um phonetically but ifyou're too tired to work out it soundslike thyroid I don't know if you'rewomen or mal it could be adrenal fatiguelike your cortisol school oh all daylong and then it spikes at night andthat's super inflammatory if you're tootired to work out you could have likechronic low blood sugar low cortisol andyou got to fix that stuff because youwill age fast if you don't fix it mustfix yeah and I can't afford our lots ofweight but what lost lots of weight butmy problem is constipation Oh which I'vehad since childhoodwhat could this okay pearl I can't tellyou why you have constipation I can tellyou the different reasons why peoplehave constipation number one thyroidthyroid yes okay number twoleaky gut Candida leaky gut holes in thein small intestine small intestinebacterial overgrowth or too manyparasites and little nasty fungusgrowing in the colon now could be

 Luxury Lean Diet  : notfrom drinking enough water could be fromtaking to me looks tears and you couldhave like lazy : nah or poor qualityfood that you are reacting to feelinggreat on the keto carnivoretell me more and why okay so you guysI'm not a carnivore expert because truekind of where people or do this stuffraw okayand super fatty cuts like the main meatI believe that carnivore people eat isum probably beef and then I like to eatpork you guys are so afraid of pork inthe parasites we are just so brainwashedso the reason why you feel better isbecause you're probably sensitive toplants this is the reason people don'trealize we're eating plants out ofseasonokay so plants have defenses thatcalled offenses so they don't want to beeating they don't have teeth so thingslike salicylates and ox lights andgoitrogens and I chase that lectins andphytates these things and certain peoplewith already genetic people

 Finaflex PX Ketoburn  : And it can't be like last night Iwas logging food with my husband we'rewatching TV and he sees me on my phoneand I'm just logging my meal and and andI know it can look like I'm not beingwith him at dinner and maybe I shouldlearn to log it ahead of time okay so nosee if I can see this this well I willreply when I get off because for somereason it's not let me see your fullcomment and Emily but don't getfrustrated it's worth investment and Iknow it can seem taxing to log and toget on there and stuff like that and theweight we know

Konect Nutra Keto  : it is you know it's partof it this part of being disciplined andit's something you should be proud ofbut he's taking the time to do it andit's something you should be doing toothen y'all can log together and then youknow you won't feel so bad anyway giveit a try and then let me know how youdid I would love to get that saint-likethat lady that came up to me and said Ilost thirty pounds just you know becausethat little conversation we had in thebathroom one day seriouslythat can happen to you all you got to dois just go through the motions and do itand commit and it'll be worth it Ipromisehave a great day

Ketogen Pure Diet  : and repair carbohydrates convertto glucose in your body which is a typeof sugar and this is why you'll hear theword carbs interchange with sugars notethat glucose is a great source ofready-to-go energy for your body so ifyou're going to hit the gym or you'regoing to run a marathon often you'llhear people say carb upeat your rice pasta bread potatoes it'syour best source or ready to go energyunused glucose and your body willconvert to a type of fat so this is thedanger of you eating lots and lots ofpasta only to spend the next couple ofdays lying around in bed finally

Retro Lean Forskolin : mostlikely this method won't last you longerthan a month so then what happens afterthat oh you can go to the gymreligiously every day for eight hoursfor a week but again when you have toreturn to face your real life for workhousework everything else that eats upyour time what happens after thatfrom my own personal experience and as ageneral consensus with everyone I knowwho has pursued fitness if you're ongood behavior with diet and exercise itwill be one month before you noticeanything different and it will be threemonths before you actually get solidresults stay disciplined and be patientnow that you hopefully understand thelong-term perspective which you need toadopt with

Keto Blaze Diet  : same training as therest of usI did I did and actually you know what Iwas at Dean Ornish's number one fanmoffat all right I was you know nevertouched red meat I was close to avegetarian you know was doing quoteunquote everything right you knowexercising every day and because mybackground is actually as an exercisephysiologist I have a master's degree inthat and I'm actually registeredclinical exercise physiologist by theACSM so the preventive the preventativeprevention is in my background and wassomething I was always interested in andI wound up doing primary care as aninternal medicine physician mm-hmmagain preaching what everyone taught meright which is low fat is the way to goand I was frustrated to lose weight andto survive yeah just for everything itwas the way to do it it was just

Press Forskolin Diet  : trying to do things right with anew lifestyle that can be intimidatingright and but you also know and you havedeveloped this relationship with ahealth coach right on the other end ofthe phone that you can feel confident isgoing to give you the support and theinformation needed to make the rightchoice and the other person at thereceiving end of all that data is goingto be the physician and the reason thatthat is key is that we want people tomake sustainable lifestyle changessafely and we take patients who havelong-standing type-2 diabetes all thetime who are on multiple medicationsincludeinsolent yeah and if you removecarbohydrates and don't adjust theinsulin in your comayeah that's right I mean they can reallyget themselves into trouble quickly sosafety is our number one priority whatdo you do you take them off the oralhypoglycemics and insulin and just runthem a little high um so we makeadjustments

SlimSwift Garcinia  : get there yeah and we can'tdo that any longerwe can't do that any longer it's notfair to our patients we want to be ableto give people control of their lifeback let them make the decisions in thelifestyle that they choose to reverseout of this disease and that's not onlyimprove the health of our country butlet's face it and here's an importantone right we all want to say that we'redoing this for the better and that youknow we're doing this strictly becauseof people's health and I think thoseproviders in the mix are doing it forthat reason but the interest is nowbecoming more financial as well I meanwhat is it 1/3 Medicare dollars per typetoday one in

EXO KETO  : you have typetwo diabetes and are dependent oninsulin the less likely you are to beable to make adequate insulin later onso that that was a big factor right somany of our patients that we took intothe study just wouldn't make enoughinsulin on their own we we in otherwords didn't catch them early and that'san important lesson to learn for as wemove this forwardyou know who needs to be intervened uponand in the earlier is clearly better nowwe do have some long-term patients whohave been able to successfully get offof insulin and reverse their type 2diabetes but it's not going to be ahundred percent

Flawless Keto Diet  : fatokay well listen up okay because it'snot just the fat the fat is a symptom ofa much bigger problem you're alsoprobably coming down with heart failurediabetes gastrointestinal problemsyou're probably getting 15 other thingsalong with the fatness okay so it'sreally important to take care of thistake care of yourself and I'll give yousome you know you're just travelers onthe journey and I'm a traveler on ajourney and I'm gonna try to I'm gonnatell you what's helped me and I will doit sincerely and clearly now what worksfor me it's not going to work

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